Midwife & Mum Juliet Albert

BSc Hons Midwifery; RGN ; Breastfeeding Specialist, IBCLC, ATTP

Pregnancy, birth and the arrival of a new baby is one of the most important events in one's life.

As a practising midwife for the last twenty five years, my aim is to provide family-centred care that is tailored to the unique experience of each individual woman; a personal service with home visits, private telephone consultations, and, of course, complete confidentiality.

Located in Northwest London I cover North London, West London, Central London and surrounding areas; offering early pregnancy consultations, private antenatal classes, refresher courses for second pregnancies, and emergency breastfeeding consultations, help getting baby sleeping and into a routine, and weaning advice.
I am a certified lactation consultant (member of the IBCLC since 2010) and am an experienced qualified midwife. I trained in tongue-tie division at the University Hospital Southampton in 2011 and I am competent to divide both anterior or submucosal ('posterior') tongue ties. I carry out tongue-tie assessment and division in a private capacity and have full insurance cover, CQC registration, ICO registration and NMC registration to permit me to do this work. I’m als'o a member of the Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners ( In 2012 I set up (and currently run) the tongue tie service at an NHS hospital in West London and I currently train and supervise newly qualified tongue tie practitioners.