A gentle, but stimulating class tailored to your personal needs. Either an individual class or arrange a small group of pregnant friends.

The class will cover stretching and exercising using the classic yoga postures adapted for pregnancy.

To promote the pregnant woman’s holistic well-being yoga encompasses all the vital elements required for birth preparation. During the class I include pelvic floor exercises, optimal fetal positioning and breathing preparation (visualisation and meditation for labour). We will practise birthing and labour positions and focus on keeping supple and increasing stamina.

For women with particular problems such as pelvic girdle pain or symphisis pubis dysfunction the poses are adapted to take this into account ensuring that the woman still remains as mobile as possible even though there will be restricted movement.

I have practised Iyengar yoga for 20 years and am a qualified level I Iyengar yoga certified teacher. I have also qualified as a Birthlight antenatal yogacise teacher in 2005. I strongly believe in the practise of yoga as being an essential part of finding a balance and a centre in life. Not only to keep the body toned and supple but also to pay attention to the power of the mind and how to nurture and re-energise the soul.