YOUR ANTENATAL CLASS  (can be tailored to suit your personal requirements)

These classes include handouts, doll and pelvis demonstrations, dvd  etc

Session (1)
  • Normal physiology of labour and birth. 1st stage; 2nd stage; transition and 3rd stage
  • Recognising the beginning of labour/what to take to hospital/ signs and symptoms of when to go in
  • Coping at home  - breathing, movement, positions, water and massage
  • Different types of monitoring in the hospital
  • What is meconium stained amniotic fluid?
  • Coping with labour  - pain relief options (T.E.N.S. machine, entonox, diamorphine, epidural)
  • Induction  - tips to help you go into labour
  • Episiotomy/tear
  • 3rd stage of labour (physiological or managed)
  • Complications of labour (instrumental delivery, caesarean section)
  • Writing your birth plan

Session (2)
  • The immediate after birth (cutting cord, apgar scores, skin to skin, vitamin K)
  • BCG vaccination; Newborn blood spot screening test and MCADD
  • Coping with newborn (cord care, nappy changing, swaddling, bathing, topping and tailing, winding etc)
  • Role of Community Midwife, Health Visitor, GP & birth registration