For a happy mum and happy baby!

Getting baby into a flexible mummy and baby led routine will sort out baby’s sleeping patterns in the daytime and through the night.

A routine and sleeping consultation can be for any age baby until 1 year old. Usually consultation lasts approx 1 & 1/2 hours.

Ideal if your baby is very unsettled in the daytime and on and off the breast all day long.

Or for baby’s that are feeding frequently during the night.

I will explain how you get baby into a routine, how to introduce dad giving a dream feed in the night (unless it’s too late and baby is past the 6 week stage!), top tips for getting baby to sleep in their own cot, how the feed > play > sleep regime works, how much baby should be sleeping at a certain age. Etc  
  • From 2 weeks old, help parents to know when baby needs feeding, when to 'play' and when to sleep.
  • Timing of feeds and how to encourage baby to sleep at night.
  • Advice on how to start expressing daily, so that partner can give one night feed (So that  Mum gets a break AND Dad gets to bond with baby; and baby is able to take breast and bottle (of expressed milk).
  • Sleep training - different methods to help baby sleep at night, e.g. withdrawal technique/controlled crying etc.