“Hi Juliet,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for you thoughtful but firm advice. It is so nice to have someone listen and talk straight without feeling judged.
I took Joe to the doctor today and she referred him to a paediatrician. I'm so mad at myself for not trusting my instincts and allowing myself to be placated by health visitors and gps. I knew Joe was congested and it was waking him. He hasn't been gaining weight and generally has been as happy as I knew he could be. When you said it was reflux it made sense of everything. I didn't give him formula last night which was another thing I found myself doing and not being entirely happy about. I will see the doctor next week and hopefully things will start to get better.
Many thanks!”
Evonne, March 19th 2010

“I think it is really important for other women to know this in case it helps them, because I was made to feel that if I was doing it right it shouldn't hurt. Everybody who observed my feeding her (about 4 professionals in total) said that she was well-positioned and latching on well. You were, however, realistic about the fact that it can and often does feel uncomfortable/painful for a while.
I found having you to talk to about the feeding more generally, as well as Eden's weight etc. very helpful, and reassuring, and I really valued having you at the end of the phone.” Sam Austin, NW10

“Hi Juliet, just to let you know had baby Talullah last Friday. Just back from hospital and both doing well. Breastfeeding notes you gave me have been brilliant.” Samantha, NW3

“She gave me the confidence to carry on breastfeeding when I was on the verge of giving up, and I can happily say that 7 weeks later I am still fully breastfeeding my baby. She also gave me the knowledge that I required to start my journey in parenting for the first time. From a practical point of view she suggested a structure for getting the baby into a regular sleeping and feeding routine. This has worked for me and has meant that I am enjoying being a Mummy.
Overall I found her approach flexible, open-minded and non-judgemental.”
[Sabah Ahmed, GP, Isleworth]

“Hello, we are very well and believe it or not still breastfeeding (I year on).
Thank you for your help in my first few weeks. You were very supportive, warm and generous with your time. I valued your help at supporting my desire to breastfeed only.”
Terry, NW10: