“Juliet was an invaluable source of knowledge and good advice during those critical early few months of my new baby's life, when everything seemed so complicated.
Her suggestions about establishing daytime sleep patterns helped me to create a much needed structure to my day, and ensured that my baby was both refreshed and ready for a good feed when he woke, and also was ready to settle at 7pm for the night.
It was Juliet, rather than the doctors I spoke, to who diagnosed the reflux that later on made it painful for him to feed and Juliet who helped me through a difficult and trying time - now there's nothing that stands in the way of him and his food.
Thank you for all your help. “
[Victoria Slotover , NW2]

“Thank you so much for your help with getting baby into a routine and weaning my baby - the amount of advice and views are overwhelming at this time, and I found your guidance practical as well as encouraging. The most natural approach possible. Miriam's nap routine also changed, which made life a lot easier for us as well as for her! I really appreciated your support, the way you listened, used your own experience and took in to account my personal needs.
P.S. You were doubtful at the time about whether I would be able to feed just twice a day at 6 months, but just to let you know it worked really well, and the milk supply maintained as required - I have also found this with my second baby, who is now 8 months and breastfeeding at 7am and 7pm.”
[Emma Krygier,  NW11]

“I wish to thank Juliet so much for her advice. I consulted her after both of my children were born. I was coping well, but had so many questions, and had been given so much conflicting information. Juliet was able to give simple to follow advice that was tailor made for me, my babies and our specific needs and requirements. She was caring, reassuring and practical, without being judgemental or patronising. Her follow up service was superb; I was able to consult her whenever I had a question or concerns. The early days of motherhood are so precious - I was able to enjoy it, and trust my maternal instincts.
I have recommended Juliet to many friends with worries about routines, breastfeeding or sleeping and I will continue to do so.”
[Katy Jackson, N22]