“ Juliet Albert came to advise me on my children's diet as my son in particular was incredibly fussy and would only eat toast and cream cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I was very stressed about his eating habits, but couldn't seem to find a way to break the pattern, so I was over the moon when my cousin told me about Juliet.
Juliet came round to my house to meet Toby (my then 18 month old little boy), and very quickly seemed to understand what the key issues were. She had a very relaxed and non-judgemental manner, and gave me some really useful tips to try and encourage Toby to eat some new foods. I'm glad to say that, while Toby still has his fussy moments, he now eats a much broader range of foods, and as a result both of us are much more relaxed and much happier.”
Kate Moss (dec 2008)

“Thank you so much for your help with getting baby into a routine and weaning my baby - the amount of advice and views are overwhelming at this time, and I found your guidance practical as well as encouraging. The most natural approach possible. Miriam's nap routine also changed, which made life a lot easier for us as well as for her! I really appreciated your support, the way you listened, used your own experience and took in to account my personal needs.
P.S. You were doubtful at the time about whether I would be able to feed just twice a day at 6 months, but just to let you know it worked really well, and the milk supply maintained as required - I have also found this with my second baby, who is now 8 months and breastfeeding at 7am and 7pm.”