“I gave birth to a little boy on 03.11.08. Prior to that I had 2 parent education sessions with Juliet, and one after the birth.
Juliet tailored the information to meet my specific needs. Her sessions were well organised, informative and relaxed. Her friendly approach meant that I was able to ask her all of my questions, no matter how silly they seemed to me. She used both written material and a video in her teaching to back up the information she gave me. I found this helpful, as I could then share the information with my husband, and remind myself of things that I had forgotten!
I particularly found the breastfeeding sessions useful. She gave me the confidence to carry on breastfeeding when I was on the verge of giving up, and I can happily say that 7 weeks later I am still fully breastfeeding my baby. She also gave me the knowledge that I required to start my journey in parenting for the first time. From a practical point of view she suggested a structure for getting the baby into a regular sleeping and feeding routine. This has worked for me and has meant that I am enjoying being a Mummy.
Overall I found her approach flexible, open-minded and non-judgemental. “[Dr Sabah Ahmed, GP,Isleworth]

“We found Juliet's help prior to the birth of our daughter invaluable. She was attentive, inspired confidence and was very personable.
After our daughter was born, Juliet was a dream. Those first few weeks were really hard, but Juliet gave us the reassurance we needed. We now have a happy, contented baby thanks to Juliet!”[Mia Freedman, Finchley N3]

“Hi Juliet. I had a girl at 12.07am on Saturday, she weighed 2.94kg. Thank you so much for all your labour tips - they really worked. I had 4 hours active labour, all natural. I didn’t tear either! She came out in 4 pushes, me leaning over a bean bag!”[ Monique, Acton]

“Had baby Thomas at 8.51 yesterday morning and he weighed 8.5 pounds. Thank you for your classes, they have really helped. Had natural birth, gas and air and pethidine.”[Claire Quodt,  Dagenham]